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Bryan. Indiana. Folk punk. I like people(people like you!), places(places like wherever you are!), and things(things like your cat!). This started as a Doctor Who-centric blog, but I've since flowed into just posting whatever I fancy, originally instigated by late-night drunken blogging. Jon Pertwee is my Doctor.

Also also one of my best friends is moving to Houston tomorrow and it’s just now starting to really sink in. Dang. Gonna miss her too much. :(

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YESSSS, inclusion of Enterprise!

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Also I just bought all of DBZ Kai on blu-ray because I’m a monster.

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Model poses and the finished paintings of Gil Elvgren

This is awesome.

before there was photoshop there were illustrators. 

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Today ruled. I met a cute girl with dreads who made me feel good about myself, found an amazing new tabletop game store where I was introduced to an amazing game called Sheriff of Nottingham, and had delicious pizza. Hell yeah.

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i think of this whenever i buy anything over $10


i think of this whenever i buy anything over $10

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I took a selfie in space.

I took a selfie in space.

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